Seamless Steel Tube

We provide a range of seamless steel tube for a variety of applications. Our full range of seamless products can be supplied in various different specifications and covers mechanical and structural applications.

Steel seamless tube is created using the following processes:

Cold Drawing

This method is the second level of cold working tubes and the outcome is a reduction in size. Cold drawing involves the tube being pulled through a die which is smaller in size than the tube itself, this means that the end of each individual tube will need to be machined to fit. When this process is complete the end of the tube passes through a die and will then be clamped to a pulley. This pulley is used to draw the tube through the die.

A Draw bench is required in this process and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each time a tube is reduced, a smaller bench is required. Each bench can be fitted with different tools in order for them to be used in different processes such as:

Plug Drawing

This is the method used in the production of seamless steel tube that produces the best results. During this process, both the inside and outside diameters are worked simultaneously. A polished steel plug, made from high grade tool steel, is found in the centre of the outside diameter drawing die. The tube is then loaded over the plug that is connected to a fixed rod. As the tube is slowly drawn through the die and flows over the plug this results in a high tolerance surface finish on the inside of the tube.

If the process is properly lubricated and proper preparation has taken place, the finished product will show very few imperfections.

Here at Steel Tube Direct we have developed new procedures in order to achieve the highest quality surface finish possible. High quality surface finishes have a number of advantages when it comes to seamless tube, these are, increased fatigue life, improved performance and limited contamination.